Vision of SECM “Towards dynamic and regulated Myanmar Securities market, developing together with the world’s.”Mission of SECM“To maintain fair, secured, liquid securities market raising and protecting the investors and the national economy ”

Chairman Message

During the past five years, the Ministry of Finance has carried out several financial sector reforms in Myanmar in five areas: monetary; public budget management; money market; capital market; and institutional development.

The plan to establish the Yangon Stock Exchange, a capital market reform, began in 2012. After the Securities and Exchange Commission was formed, it has initiated the formation of laws, rules, notifications, and announcements for the Securities Companies, Listed Public Companies and the Yangon Stock Exchange.

December 9, 2015 is a historic day for Myanmar when the Yangon Stock Exchange, Myanmar’s first stock exchange opens its doors and a new era begins for Myanmar’s Capital Market. History has shown that it can take at least a hundred years for a stock exchange to be fully-developed and flourished. The opening of the Yangon Stock Exchange is just sowing the seeds of a modern developed stock exchange and it is the task of future generation to nature and cultivates it.

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Announcement (7/2016)

Issuance of securities business license
November 23, 2016

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Instruction (9/2016)

Allow Securities Companies to purchase the Government
Treasury Bonds for 10% of paid up Capital

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Instruction (8/2016)

Submission of Annual Report of Listed
Companies in the Yangon Stock Exchange

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