Foreign Investors

Information and Statistics on Foreigners’ Participation in Share Trading at Yangon Stock Exchange (Investment Opportunities for Foreigners)

From 20th March of 2020, foreign investors both resident/ non-resident and individual/ institutional have become able to participate in Myanmar stock market according to the SECM Notification (1/2019) and Instruction (1/2020). This followed the legislation of new Companies Law in 2017 and Investment Law in 2016, which have changed a landscape of investment in Myanmar, giving, in principle, equal investment opportunities for all foreigners except for in some regulated industries.

Myanmar securities market has still been in initial stage and investment opportunities are expected to grow gradually but surely. SECM welcomes more investors who has knowledge and experience in investment in other market in order to develop our market further.

Below is the step to start investment in shares traded at Yangon Stock Exchange. For your application and procedure, you can contact YSX and any of securities companies from link in the end this page.

STEPs for Foreigners


Physically visit one of securities companies operating in Myanmar


Open bank account for securities trading in Myanmar at one of banks operating in Myanmar with a recommendation letter issued in “STEP 1”. Bank accounts that need to be opened are following:
 Resident individuals/institutions: Resident Kyat Account for Securities (R-KAS)
 Nonresident individuals/institutions: Nonresident Kyat Account for Securities (N-KAS) and Nonresident Foreign currency Account for Securities (N-FAS)


Open a securities account at the securities company which issued a recommendation letter

(Note) Currently, foreigners are required to have R-KAS or N-KAS and N-FAS to open a securities account in Myanmar. For these bank account to be opened, foreigners must have a recommendation letter from one of domestic securities companies to ensure that the foreigners use the bank account only for securities trading at YSX. It is required that each applicant follows procedures instructed by the securities company for opening a securities account according to the SECM instruction (1/2020) and procedures instructed by the bank for opening R-KAS, N-KAS or N-FAS according to the CBM directive (3/2020) and other instructions by CBM.

Monthly Statistics of Foreigners’ Investment

Month-Year Inflow Outflow Net Inflow
March 2020 4.420 4.420