Local Investors

Information for Local investors To Participate in Share Trading at Yangon Stock Exchange

From 25th March of 2016, local investors both individual and institutional have become able to invest in listed companies at a national stock exchange, the Yangon Stock Exchange.

Participation of ordinary citizens in the Yangon Stock Exchange is important not only for providing capital for growth of local promising companies but also for inclusive growth sharing profit among local investors. Myanmar securities market has still been in initial stage, but investment opportunities are expected to grow gradually and surely. There are several companies in preparation of listing and foreign investors have been allowed and started participating in our market from 20th March of 2020.

For local investors, below is the simple step to start investment in shares traded at Yangon Stock Exchange. For your application and procedure, you can contact YSX and any of securities companies from link in the end this page.

STEPs for Local Investors


Physically visit one of securities companies operating in Myanmar Or you can contact online to one of securities companies, which accept online application for account opening.


Open a securities account at the securities company. (Note) Every investor must verify its own identity and go through customer due diligence process by securities companies to open a securities account and participate in trading so as to keep market integrity/fairness and protect investors.


Start trading after learning investment opportunities available through asking advice to your securities company and looking at companies’ disclosure material available at the YSX website.

Caution to investors

Trading by insider information and market manipulation are prohibited. Including these, the section 49 of the Securities Exchange Law describes prohibited acts as below and SECM continuously conduct surveillance activities in cooperation with the YSX and securities companies.

Any violation of the prohibited acts shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years and may also be liable to fine according to the section 60 of the Securities Exchange Law.

(Prohibited acts under the Securities Exchange Law)
49. The prohibited acts detrimental to the interests of the general public and to the protection of investors are as follows:
(a) involving directly or indirectly in any act, such as cheating, deceiving, making false statements or concealing important information, which seriously causes deception or influence on the activities of public offering of securities, listing, selling, buying, trading, investing and services in securities and securities market;
(b) making disclosure of untruthful information in order to incite or entice other persons to buy or sell securities or making disclosure of insufficient or untimely information that seriously affects the price of the securities in the market;
(c) using internal information to buy or sell securities for its own account or for other persons or disclosing or providing internal information or giving advice to other persons to buy or sell securities based on undisclosed internal information;
(d) conspiring in buying or selling securities by creating false demand and supply, or buying or selling continuously or using trading methods by conspiring with others or by enticing others in order to manipulate the price of securities.