2nd Roundtable Meeting on Capital Market Development in Myanmar

The 2nd Roundtable (2nd RT) took place on 29 June 2019 at the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar (SECM) in Yangon, Myanmar.  This meeting mainly focused on implementing measures for capital market revitalization with the mutual understanding and cooperation of stakeholders.

H.E. U Maung Maung Win, Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance, decided to establish the “Roundtable Meeting, requesting authorities, such as CBM, DICA, IRD, UMFCCI, MICPA, as well as YSX, Listed Companies and Securities Companies since March 2019. The first RT (1st RT) was held on 23 March 2019, where participants confirmed the current status of the capital market and shared their views on ways to revitalize the capital market. In April and May this year, written opinion surveys were also conducted for the second RT.

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